December 4, 2023

Which Tattoo Numbing Cream Has The Most Lidocaine?

Which Tattoo Numbing Cream Has The Most Lidocaine?

Lidocaine is a topical anesthetic ingredient used to numb painful areas. Some products contain higher concentrations of lidocaine than others. Many professionals recommend using zensa topical anesthetic numbing cream with a maximum dosage of 5%. However, some people find that lower concentrations are sufficient for their needs. For example, some people prefer using a cream with only 4% lidocaine, such as Deeveeant numbing cream.

Numb master contains 5% lidocaine:

Numb master is a topical anesthetic cream with 5% lidocaine. It comes in two sizes and is used for temporary pain, itchiness, and swelling. The cream can be applied to the affected area up to six times daily. However, if you are a child or pregnant woman, you should consult a doctor before using this product.

Commercial lidocaine creams are typically made in two to five percent strength, but compounding pharmacies can produce higher strength creams. A numbing cream with a high percentage can provide more potent anesthesia for your patient. It will also improve the experience during procedures involving the skin.

Ebanel Numb 520 contains 4% lidocaine:

Ebanel Numb 520 is a highly effective numbing cream for various tattooing applications. Its high lidocaine content numbs the target skin area quickly and efficiently, with minimal mess. The water-based formula also helps to prevent needle slippage. This numbing cream blocks pain signals from skin nerve endings to the brain.

Zensa maximum strength topical anesthetic numbing cream contains 3% lidocaine:

Zensa is a 5% lidocaine topical anesthetic with a three-year shelf life. It’s a great choice for a tattoo numbing, electrolysis, and microneedling. This natural, pH-neutral numbing cream is also cruelty-free and has minimal side effects. Zensa should be applied generously to the skin 30 minutes before the procedure. You can also use it to numb minor skin irritations and breakages.

Unlike most other topical anesthetic numbing creams, Zensa is designed to provide relief quickly for painful procedures. It contains 5% Lidocaine and purified water. In addition, it contains Vitamin E, which boosts the healing process and provides anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn’t inhibit blood flow and provides numbing and pain relief to the skin for one to two hours.

When using a topical numbing cream, it’s important to follow the directions provided by your healthcare provider. Always use numbing cream as directed by your healthcare provider, and make sure you’re applying it at least several hours before the procedure. Applying it too early could have negative consequences. The cream should also be applied in small amounts to minimize the risk of an overdose.