December 4, 2023

Top Tattoo Machines For Permanent Makeup

Top Tattoo Machines For Permanent Makeup

A tattoo is a body modification made by inserting dyes, inks, and pigments. The person who performs this procedure is known as a tattoo artist that helps create these designs using several tattooing techniques. If you are a tattoo artist, you’ll want to consider the features and price of tattoo machines before buying. There are a few different options, such as the Xion S, Elara, Flux Mini, and Perma Pen. Each of these machines offers different features. Here are some of the main benefits of each machine and how they compare. Visit this link to know about brow daddy pigments.

Xion S:

The Xion S tattoo machine is an ergonomic and comfortable machine designed with the top tattoo artists in the world in mind. Its autoclavable grip offers a paintbrush-like experience while providing optimum maneuverability. Its tapered design makes it suitable for different-sized hands, including those with small hands.


Elara is a compact, lightweight permanent makeup machine with fully adjustable features and a sleek design. Its 3-mm, 2.5-mm, and 3.5-mm stroke lengths make it suitable for various procedures. It also features a broad voltage range, making it ideal for various techniques, such as lip blush, pixel shading, and color correction.

As a professional, you may wonder how you can be sure to get the best results with the Elara machine. It is known for its high quality, ease of use, and ergonomic khudozhniki. However, it may not be affordable for most people.

Perma pen:

There are many types of tattoo machines available for permanent makeup. Some are more advanced than others. Some are made to enhance specific areas of the body, such as the eyebrows. While some are better suited for professionals, others are more suitable for beginners. 

Flux mini:

The Microbeadxion mini is a great option for both beginning and experienced PMU artists. It is a low-vibration machine that offers optimum comfort during PMU procedures. It features a slim design and a ratcheting system for needle depth adjustment.

The flux mini has interchangeable power packs that give you up to four hours of work time. The machine is compatible with all skin types and accepts all universal PMU cartridges. The mini design also maximizes mobility and flexibility throughout procedures. The machine is portable and fits easily in a back pocket. During a procedure, the battery life will vary based on the voltage used, the size of the needle, and the skin type.